17 Jun 2016
Car parts seo case study

SEO Case study: Spare parts online story

Progect http://hyundaiporter.ru

Niche: Specific car parts for Commercial Cars

Region: Russia

We started working on project in the beginning of February.

Main objective was – increasing organic traffic.

Web site had bad structure and a lots of technical issues.

SEO case car spare parts

After building a strategy we started our job

  1. We have researched all keywords in company industry which is related to car spare parts.
  2. We designed the semantic structure according users queries. Finally we have had 450 keywords to work with.
  3. After negotiation with client we decided make new web site because it was cheaper then rebuild old one. Creating site took us about 2 weeks.
  4. Website was integrated whith CRM to keep actual information and products prices.
  5. We did on-page SEO and ruled out of all duplicated urls, meta tags, descriptions, titles.
  6. Website had a pretty big SKU about 1500 so we made the script which generate unique titles and descriptions for each product page.

At the Same time our copy writters where preparing unique articles for this site. Totaly was written about 100 articles contained about 400 words each.

After finishing programming we filled out site by content. While we builded site and created content for it our link builders started posting a backlinks brand anchors. So we started build trust.

By the way this web site was good backlink profile which made our job easier. We also created a script for internal links, created right robots.txt, sitemap files, checked all img had an alt tags.

We paid attention to quality of content because it is main part of good SEO.

Due to domain was indexed and search bots already had their schedule of visiting we waited for reindexing about one month, backlinks also need a time to be indexed.

And finaly traffic started growing!

Seo case study porter

We were keeping on making a backlinks and created groups in major social medias and spreaded content in it.

What the owner  got?

  1. Traffic increased from 30 visitors a day to more than 400 and keeps growing
  2. Sales increased from $20 000 a month to $120 000 a month!
  3. Owner was really avoided bankruptcy. You can call him and ask how happy he was. (+79197703953)

In conclusion

Work prossess seems like every day routine which is true. Every company can do SEO by itself but the main obstacle is the lack of resources. Big companies may afford hire a whole department to do this job but it not easy for small business. If you are small business owner rather to hire stuff you may consider the contracting out SEO or even all digital marketing for very affordable cost. See why here.

Wath the video about our client case study


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